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Hello, World!

Hello World! That phrase has been typed by countless developers for many years as they learn new programming languages or new technologies. It signifies a birth of something new. The start of a new journey. Because I myself have launched countless "Hello World!" applications, I decided to use it as the title of my first post on my new site. This is a new beginning. The start of a new journey.

In the back of my mind there was always this voice saying "you need to write more" and "your career needs to get more exposure". I always kept telling that voice that I am fine. My body of work can support me. As I get farther into my career, I am starting to see the cracks in that thinking. By writing about technology is challenging, so if you are going to publish to a blog, you force yourself to truly know and understand the technology. You are forced to not make assumptions but to verify your thinking. Verify your experience. It forces you to not just rely on your body of work but to support that body of work.

Now I am forced with deciding what I am going to write about. My day job is in software development operations. It is a "natural" fit for me to write operations but as I wrote above, I want to push my knowledge farther. So yes, I will write about my experiences on the technical side software enginering and operations. I will also write about the business and administration side of software and operations. These subjects are something I am passionate about and want to grow my skillset.

This is the goal of this site. To share my experiences with whoever wants to read them. To force myself to truly understand different technologies and backup that understanding. But most importantly to embrace this new beginning and share as I travel along on a new journey.

So, Hello World!